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Heliospix | Logo Design

Heliospix | Logo Design


Corporate Visual Identity Design & Print

The visual identity for this business required logo design, business card, letterhead, and support print materials. This brand demands a refined, intellectual identity which also conveys ground-breaking technology and cutting edge ideas


This company comes under the umbrella of Big Dog Design client IPRD Group, and therefore it was important that both visual representations related and were compatible.


The client liked the idea of color continuation therefore the IPRD Group navy blue, red and grey were used - along with a different font which is also sans serif. Upper case was used for the logo to convey strength and confidence. Once again it was imperative to communicate the client's global presence and exceptional proficiency in the field. 

The red block elements from the IPRD Group logo are here used as graphic reference to a road and the sun - both of which are key factors in this field.

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